The Paraiso Del Mar Vision

Paraiso del Mar is, and will always be, a true island-living experience where residents, guests and visitors feel a strong connection to the Sea of Cortez and its confluence of diverse marine life. The owners feel an equally strong sense of communal pride within the resort, and to La Paz – an authentic Mexican town brimming with history, culture and a welcoming, family-friendly vibe.

Discover the cornerstones of the community as envisioned by residents and developers at Paraiso del Mar.

Community Cornerstones

Environmental Sustainability

Paraiso has created a beautiful home for its residents without disrupting life for the many other species that share the peninsula. Our commitment is to protect the water and wildlife that make this place so special by supporting wildlife preservation efforts and minimizing our own impact on the land.

Vibrant Community

Within Paraiso itself, there is a palpable sense of togetherness. A welcoming spirit that encourages owners and guests to participate in the social activities on resort and to immerse themselves in the local La Paz community. This eagerness to be inviting and accessible is what turns neighbors into friends and family.

Beautiful Adventure

Paraiso del Mar’s location offers a wealth of activities and options for everyone—from the mariner who appreciates the biodiversity of the Sea of Cortez to the ocean angler to the sunseeker who comes for the hidden beaches. La Paz is the playground of Baja California Sur, with world-renowned diving and snorkeling and opportunities for boating and just about any type of water sport.


For its incredible location and distinctive lifestyle, Paraiso is refreshingly affordable. People in this community are about collecting experiences, not things, and the lifestyle here is suited for exactly that. Homes are sized and priced for everyday living, and the most common forms of transportation around the resort are golf carts and bicycles. This is laid-back luxury the way it’s supposed to be.

Master Plan